Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The lonely concert

So tonight I went to a concert. Alone. Which I find to be a bizarre experience, although Marisa claims that going to concerts with people is bizarre for her. Go figure.

The concert was Better Than Ezra and Sister Hazel. I know Sister Hazel better (middle school fav), but like Better Than Ezra better. I keep typing Exra. Grr. Somehow my roommate ended up with a ticket, but she didn't want to go. So I went.

I didn't have much to do upon getting there, so I decided to drink beer. This made me enjoy the first half of the concert much more. Besides, even though a can of Amstel Light was $7, the ticket was free.

I talked to one of the SH guitarists after their half of the show. I thought I would be witty and interesting, but as it turns out, I had very little to say. He was excruciatingly nice. So was everyone else in the band. I'm serious. 3 of them were out there signing stuff and talking to people, and they hurried no one, yet got to everyone.

SH is from FL, and that made me homesick. Of course, I don't actually LIKE Florida, but I do miss a certain familiarity that I had there. After all, I lived in Sarasota longer than anywhere else but Mobile. And I lived in Mobile when I was tiny.

BTE mentioned Mobile in a song about the Gulf Coast. I appreciated that. They're from New Orleans. All in all, BTE put on a better show than SH. Their front man is goofy and quite the entertainer. He looks about 22, although he must be closer to 35, seeing as how he said he played CBGBs in 1995. For the encore, he had the other band members come back and play: the triangle, woodblock, shaker thingy and tambourine. Then he had them solo on the shaker thingy and woodblock. It was quite amusing.

So, all in all, going to a concert alone was not a BAD experience, but I definitely prefer going with at least one other person.

Next time you should go with me!


noell said...

wouldn't you need two tickets to not go alone?

when does school start? how many classes do you take in a semester? we were watching an old 80s movie tonight and the dude was in law school and only took one class his first semester... seemed strange to me... but it was a movie and i don't know anything about law school, so who knows....

you're a cutie patootie!

love, me

Sydney said...

I would indeed. Part of why I ended up alone this time.

Orientation starts Sunday, classes start Wednesday.

I am taking 4 classes. (I did not choose the amount or the classes). I think 4 or 5 is typical.

So I think hollywood has once again failed to provide an accurate representation of the facts ;)

Anonymous said...

Noell and I saw Better Than Ezra and Sister Hazel for free as well. By now, they've gotta be total has-beens. When Sister Hazel played everyone looked vaguely amused, but sang along with that one song everyone knows, then looked gay while they played the rest of their stuff no one had ever heard. They seemed washed up then, and I felt bad for them. I can't imagine what they'd be like now.