Sunday, January 09, 2005

Moving, take 5

No one should ever move more than once, or twice at most, a year. This move will be my fourth this year, and fifth in about fifteen months. Bleh. That's all I have to say to that.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but not about packing up my stuff and actually moving. I know that will go okay. I've done it so many times at this point, that I know it'll work alright. It always does, and since I moved like two months ago, everything is still in pretty good order. Not TOO messy yet. Other than as a result of the stupid flood. No, what I'm worried about is finishing up everything at work. There's so much I want to finish, and there's only so much I can do in the remaining 10 work days. Maybe I should've gone into work one day this weekend. Oh well, I got a decent amount of work done anyway, including making the subpage template and writing up my accomplishments. I also need to make sure I have copies of everything I did while I was there...both on CD and in paper. My "portfolio". My Maryland stuff is actually up there, too. Gotta get all that.

Bleh bleh bleh. I really want more ice cream. But I already had some. I might just have some more, but I'll have to get some packing accomplished first. WB is showing 'There's Something About Mary'. Seems kinda strange when you think about, considering the main audience of WB is teens and teenyboppers, yet 'Something about mary' is definitely rated R. Oh well, I guess I saw it in middle school. Maybe it's not too bad after all. I watched it with Dad, of all weird things, when I was 14. That was when I was living with Mom at Grandma Ida's house, and I'd spend all weekend with Dad, watching movie after movie. We created a whole long ass list of movies we wanted to see, based on various different factors, and then worked our way through it week by week. What a weird time in my life.

The fact that Noell's not home yet makes me guess that she may not be coming home tonight. I hope she does, though, as she has to work early in the morning, and it seems silly to waste a cab fare in the morning. Especially if that's all the money she'll make being there, lol. Plus, I want my Noellie home, as usual! Okay, off to go pack and reward myself with some ice cream...