Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well, in the hopes of blogging more--just for Berck--I installed Google's little Blogger dashboard widgit. It's really rather cute. So now I can blog from here.

I just got home from Florida, and did the very stupid thing of falling asleep around 2:30 for 6 hours. I've probably screwed myself for the rest of the week. Hopefully Benadryl or something will be able to knock me out around 1 or 2, or I'm going to be really suffering through my 7 hours of class tomorrow.

The most interesting thing I did while in Florida was run around Apopka doing errands. It actually *was* rather fun. I sort of felt like an alien, though--like i was out of place. I had to jump over bushes to walk between Walgreens and Albertsons--apparently I was supposed to drive. In Walgreens and Albertsons I kind of walked around, mesmorized at the sheer size and selection of the stores. I think the Apopka Walgreens is larger than my corner grocery store, and doesn't have that much worse of a grocery selection!

Alright, I have to go do tax, but more later...hopefully.