Monday, February 25, 2008

Dismembered bodies

This morning I got a chance to read a Crime Stoppers flier posted in the Nostrand subway station where I catch the A train every morning.

It was a flier requesting information about a murder committed back in 2005, and the most interesting part is where it stated, "part of his dismembered body was recovered in a subway tunnel at the Nostrand Ave station."

Nothing like gruesome crime to start off a week.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

When I first got to New College, in the first month, and quite possibly the first week, there was this afternoon. It actually could've very easily been an evening, and not an afternoon, actually, since it was August and it doesn't start getting dark that time of year until close to 9 p.m.

Anyway, Houston was playing his guitar. We were all sitting around in Third Court, outside of Anna and Elaina's room. I'm not entirely sure who 'we' were--I know it included Jake, presumably Anna and Elaina, since we were outside of their room, and I'm pretty sure my roommate Sarah and Will were there as well. An interesting collection of people, really. Anna and Elaina only made it a semester at New College. I don't know what happened to Houston--I don't remember seeing him past second year. Sarah dropped out a week into second year. In fact, Jake's the only one who graduated on time. I graduated a year late, and I think Will graduated after me. Point being, despite our hanging out on this particular afternoon/evening, we weren't actually friends--but we didn't know that yet.

Houston played a song by Third Eye Blind called "Motorcyle Drive-by." While I owned the CD it came off of (their self-titled debut album), I'd never really noticed the song until he played it. A little while later it became a favorite of mine, and today it's one of my all-time favorite songs, if not my absolute favorite. 

There's no real value to this entry; it was inspired by my desire to capture the moment. Lacking a photograph, I figured words were the next best option. 

I was smoking a clove cigarette while he played. I think Sarah bummed one, and Jake told her she looked too innocent to smoke, that it looked weird. I asked if I looked too innocent to smoke, too, and he scoffed at that idea. Apparently I lost my innocent look long before age 16.