Sunday, October 29, 2006

weekend/27 brevoort facts

When you go long enough without posting, it stops occuring to you to do so. Oh well. I think pretty soon I'm going to give up on the online journaling thing and return to writing in hand. I met this girl in a coffee shop last week, and we started talking about the perfect journal. It has to have perfectly spaced and printed lines, or no lines at all. It has to be spiral bound or have a really worn cover so that it can lay flat. There's other requirements too, but these are the most important. I think her boyfriend was laughing at the fact that she found someone who actually was interested in talking to her for 20 minutes about journal requirements.

I'm mostly just amused that I actually met a stranger that I had no connection to. How weird! These days I feel like I'm incapable of meeting and cultivating a relationship with anyone who's not in lawyering group 8--and I'm not even great at cultivating relationships with those peeps.

I was supposed to go to halloween party with Ames last night. I was actually pretty excited about it, but I woke up with a horrible pain in my neck and a sore throat. Chris, the third roommate as of late, informed me that that is exactly how his illness began. So, coming to the conclusion that the neck pain was more likely a virus than a football injury, I decided it would be a good idea to laze around all day. So I did. So no party for me.

Today I at least managed to leave the house to go to the store, so that was an accomplishment.

So, fun facts about where I live. My building was either built in 1927 or earlier. The first certificate of occupation I can find is from 1927, which looks to be from a new building, but I also found reference to a marraige license for a resident of this building in 1913. I suppose it's possible that there was a different building in 1913. But that's not the creepy part.

In 2000, there was a fire in this building, and a girl died. 17 people were also injured, and the owner of the building was accused of arson (although he was subsequently acquitted). I'm pretty sure that we're the first people to live in the building since said fire. Thankfully for my psyche, the girl died on the second floor, and I live on the first floor. I have to admit, searching for legislation related to a fire in my building is a whole helluva lot cooler than researching the possible consequences of being involved in a money laundering transaction.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I apologize for not writing. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't really done anything else, either. I sorta miss the world. My lawyering group is a nice substitute for the world, but it's just not quite the same...

But I can't sleep yet, and no one wants to talk to me. So I remembered that I have a blog! Fabulous!

Way too many exclamation points.

I feel like I should write about what's going on in my life...but I'm fairly sick of talking about that. I also had the fantastic NYC stories I was going to tell. I remember the one--where I watched a guy get his duffle bag tossed in the subway tracks (and he was in serious danger of getting in shoved in front of a train himself)--but I don't remember what the other story is. Plus, I'm too lazy to actually tell that first story, as it's kinda of long. Well, actually, it's short, I just don't know how to tell a short story, so it'd be long.

I'm moving to Brooklyn. Probably on Saturday.

They make you do all this work at law school. It's rather annoying. And then I volunteer to do extra work outside of class, because I'm a dumbass. But, of course, I couldn't resist the extracurriculars--I never could.

I may have the best pass ratio of any receiver on our flag football team. No, really--I'm serious! It's around 66%.

I'm now on Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica, thanks to Ames' urging.

Perhaps I should get up and either have (a) ice cream (b) cheese and crackers (c) beer. Maybe all 3. Nah, I probably won't get up. If I get up, I'll be obliged to do something useful, and I don't want to do something useful.

I keep forgetting that today is Sunday. Or was, I guess. I left here at 11ish to go to a training at school that lasted until 3. I then spent the next 5.5 hours in the library or meeting with my group. I never think briefing cases takes long, but I guess it does.