Sunday, October 08, 2006


I apologize for not writing. If it makes you feel any better, I haven't really done anything else, either. I sorta miss the world. My lawyering group is a nice substitute for the world, but it's just not quite the same...

But I can't sleep yet, and no one wants to talk to me. So I remembered that I have a blog! Fabulous!

Way too many exclamation points.

I feel like I should write about what's going on in my life...but I'm fairly sick of talking about that. I also had the fantastic NYC stories I was going to tell. I remember the one--where I watched a guy get his duffle bag tossed in the subway tracks (and he was in serious danger of getting in shoved in front of a train himself)--but I don't remember what the other story is. Plus, I'm too lazy to actually tell that first story, as it's kinda of long. Well, actually, it's short, I just don't know how to tell a short story, so it'd be long.

I'm moving to Brooklyn. Probably on Saturday.

They make you do all this work at law school. It's rather annoying. And then I volunteer to do extra work outside of class, because I'm a dumbass. But, of course, I couldn't resist the extracurriculars--I never could.

I may have the best pass ratio of any receiver on our flag football team. No, really--I'm serious! It's around 66%.

I'm now on Season 2 of Battlestar Galactica, thanks to Ames' urging.

Perhaps I should get up and either have (a) ice cream (b) cheese and crackers (c) beer. Maybe all 3. Nah, I probably won't get up. If I get up, I'll be obliged to do something useful, and I don't want to do something useful.

I keep forgetting that today is Sunday. Or was, I guess. I left here at 11ish to go to a training at school that lasted until 3. I then spent the next 5.5 hours in the library or meeting with my group. I never think briefing cases takes long, but I guess it does.

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