Sunday, July 23, 2006

Graduation photo and packing

This is a photo that Laura I'm posting it here.

I realized that putting photos here from my gallery site isn't difficult, so I might as well post some now and then.

Tonight I am working on packing stuff (talk about yuck). Mom took my desk home with her (it wouldn't fit in my car), so now there's a mess that I've been trying to clean up.

I really miss my desk. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture :(

I don't much feel like writing now, so I'll do so another time.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Wacky World of my Mind

I had some crazy dreams last night. A LOT of crazy dreams. Maybe that's why I'm beat today, not sure.

I had a dream that I was starting law school, and I was at an orientation-like thing, except that we were on a boat and were learning about boating and boating safety. How's that for combining my thoughts? Stupid yacht club. Then, at some point, we had to take a 'diagnostic' test, which would determine which section we landed in. And they kept shuffling us around from room to room, and they didn't have enough space anywhere to hold all of us.

Another dream involved Longview High School football players, which is pretty weird. It might possibly have involved the Catalyst as well. I know at some point I was at a Catalyst meeting, telling people what to do, and then suddenly I realized I wasn't the Editor anymore, and I was probably causing lots of resentment among the current editors. Oops. I was upset, though, because none of the staff was enjoying themselves. And then I started doubting that I'd ever had a good semester as editor. Very frustrating.

Friday, July 07, 2006

death and jobs and packing

I find it disturbing how quickly all signs of an accident can be cleared from our roadways, leaving no evidence that something tragic just happened.

This morning there was a really horrible (from what I heard) traffic accident on Bird Key, about 2 blocks (or less) from us. Traffic was backed up for hours, there were 2 or 3 fire engines and something like 10 cop cars. No one could come into or get out of Bird Key for quite a while, apparently. I didn't see it, but I heard things like "There's no way the guy in that truck survived" and "You could see blood dripping from the truck." Gross.

Yet, a few hours later (admittedly, more like 6 hours later), on my way home from work, I could not discern a single clue that there had been a fatal accident there earlier this afternoon. I'm not sure why that that bothers me, but it does. It's probably related to what Erin and I were talking about yesterday--being scared that no one will notice when you die. She's convinced that one our members is really dead, and we just don't know. Which is actually quite possible, seeing as how she lives in Wisconson (or Illinois...somewhere in the Midwest) for half the year. If members' families don't tell us they passed, we usually only know from the obits, which we check daily for familiar names. It's really rather morbid, but you have to consider the fact that we probably average 2 deaths per month. When I first started, it didn't bother me, because I didn't know any of the members that died. I didn't know as many members, and many of those that died were unable to travel to the club close to their death, so there's no way I could've known them. Since January, however, members that I know have started passing away. It's weird for me to encounter so much death, seeing as how I've really never dealt with death. I mean that no one that I am very close to has ever passed away, so death is really freaky for me.

Which is probably why I'm harping on this.

Oh, well, enough about death.

I'm sick of my job. I've once again let myself be taken advantage of, but that's okay. I think I'm appreciated, at least. Sandra has figured out that if she annoys me about something long enough, I'll stop saying 'I don't know' and will figure out how to do what she wants, or figure out the information she wants. It's a no-win situation for me. Oh well. 2 weeks left. Plus one day. That should be easy enough.

God I still have so much to do though. Rooms to clean, boxes to pack, forms to fill out. Grr. I really need to go buy shipping supplies, since I need to pack all my stuff to be shipped from Orlando to New York. Must do. Soon. Tomorrow.

But for now, I need to shower and clean. My room has reached the point of clutter where I can't move around, and that's always an issue. I washed ALL my clothes in Orlando, which I NEVER do, so I don't know how I'm going to get them all to fit. That's okay, if they don't fit, I'll just get rid of more of them.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Well, I'm back home after a long holiday weekend. More specifically, I'm at work.

I literally have nothing to do. I'm all caught up on my work, and I really don't know what I'm going to spend the next 3 weeks doing. Plus, Erin is all efficient and junk. How annoying ;) It's 4:30, and no one is here. Winnie's on vacation, Ken hurt his back, accounting's gone home, and Chuck and Sandra left early. So I'm sitting here writing a blog post.

I spent Friday through Tuesday at home in Apopka. We went over to my uncle's house every day during the day...sooooooo many of my cousins and such were in town. I actually spent time in the sun for the first time in like...years. Got a little bitty bit of a tan, went skiing, swimming, and kneeboarding. And rode on the silly ski bob thing with my little cousins...that was ridiculous. I used to ride on that thing at my friends' lakehouses in Texas way back in middle school.

Mom helped me work through a bunch of my money and travel worries, and I've finally calmed down a bunch. I don't have to worry about money as much, now, and my plane reservation is made, so I can't change my mind about that anymore. Plus, I've got the cat confirmed and all that good jazz. OH! I need to call the vet. And I still have to send off all my americorps paperwork to pay off various things. Annoying. But, I'm finally taking care of it.

I need to buy a lot of packing boxes and such, and start packing stuff up. Particularly books and stuff that I won't need between now and then. Moving is such a pain. I described it as a 'cleansing' to Aunt T. It really is, lol.

I found all of Robert and I's old campaign posters. Those things are HILARIOUS. There's a pic of us with Stacey, and the caption reads: "9 out of 10 chess masters agree: 2 presidents are better than 1." I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of them. They're too big to scrap them in this book. I can't decide whether I want to take all the rest of the stuff and scrap it, and put the campaign posters elsewhere, or put them all somewhere together, if that makes any sense. In addition to the campaign posters, I have some photographs and Catalyst clippings. Plus some of our 'platform' notes. We were such radicals!

What I really need to do is finish my graduation announcement. I wanted to have that out forever ago. Oh well.