Sunday, July 23, 2006

Graduation photo and packing

This is a photo that Laura I'm posting it here.

I realized that putting photos here from my gallery site isn't difficult, so I might as well post some now and then.

Tonight I am working on packing stuff (talk about yuck). Mom took my desk home with her (it wouldn't fit in my car), so now there's a mess that I've been trying to clean up.

I really miss my desk. It's probably my favorite piece of furniture :(

I don't much feel like writing now, so I'll do so another time.


noell said...

i miss you!!!!!

that's all...

noell said...

deb talan sings the song that was in that post... you'd like her a lot, i think... rach found her... i'll make you a cd and maybe even hand deliver it to nyc (went up there this weekend... the drive wasn't too bad).... be safe heading up tomorrow! love you!!