Monday, July 10, 2006

The Wacky World of my Mind

I had some crazy dreams last night. A LOT of crazy dreams. Maybe that's why I'm beat today, not sure.

I had a dream that I was starting law school, and I was at an orientation-like thing, except that we were on a boat and were learning about boating and boating safety. How's that for combining my thoughts? Stupid yacht club. Then, at some point, we had to take a 'diagnostic' test, which would determine which section we landed in. And they kept shuffling us around from room to room, and they didn't have enough space anywhere to hold all of us.

Another dream involved Longview High School football players, which is pretty weird. It might possibly have involved the Catalyst as well. I know at some point I was at a Catalyst meeting, telling people what to do, and then suddenly I realized I wasn't the Editor anymore, and I was probably causing lots of resentment among the current editors. Oops. I was upset, though, because none of the staff was enjoying themselves. And then I started doubting that I'd ever had a good semester as editor. Very frustrating.

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