Thursday, June 01, 2006


42 floors is really high. In Chicago I lived on the 25th floor. I thought that was pretty high. But that pales in comparison to 42.

I wonder what Killer's going to think. I think the window will be a lot less exciting than our window (door) here. No lizards and cats and stuff. Oh, well, I'm sure I can keep him amused.

Today he's been in glue mode. Meaning, he sticks to me. Not just in the same room, but a 3 ft radius. It always warms my heart. Especially today, since I'm sick and stuff. Bah.

I'm starting to get bored of the boringness, which is a good thing, I think. But I'm not done doing all the things I need to do yet, either, so it's good that it's still boring. Tomorrow I'm going out for dinner and drinks with Mark. That'll be cool. I'm glad Mark's going to be in town since no one else is.

Well, there's Damy, but I never see her. But we did get to hang yesterday. She said 'tell me when you're ready to do stuff again.' Ha. As soon as I'm not sick.

And tomorrow I've gotta go into work. It's Amy's last day, but little Erin (Stagner) is applying to replace her! How awesome is that? She has an interview tomorrow and everything. I'm really frickin' happy. If they hire her now, that would be amazingly awesome. I get really excited about dumb things. But maybe then I could go to Colorado and visit Berck, and that would make him happy.

Or spend time in DC with Nicole and her large house.

The possibilities abound.

I gotta be careful with the being responsible. I'm about to start law school. I don't have much time left to take silly roadtrips and waste money.

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