Monday, June 05, 2006

I wish I knew why Firefox goes so incredibly slowly on my computer. Hmmm...let's see if closing Damy's BearShare fixes anything. I had an inkling that might be the problem. BearShare: "Keeping BearShare open helps the entire filesharing community. Just minimize it and you won't hardly notice it's running." But your roommate will. I don't think she was actively downloading, but I'll have to ask her about it. That would explain why all of my stuff has been downloading so damn slowly.

Well, I was in a philosophical write-y mode a few minutes ago, but I'm not sure I am now.

I wish I were at coffee with Laura. That would be perfect. For a moment I considered going alone or even calling Mark and asking him to go, but I decided neither of those would work. Alone is boring and Mark would probably say it was too late, seeing as how he lives out on Siesta and all. Lameness, I tell ya, lameness. And Bill's leaving town tomorrow, so I'm sure he's busy.

I wish my roommate were actually home. I'm down to seeing her once a week these days. And I'm not exaggerating. It's kind of weird.

It's a little bit lonely around here, if you didn't pick up on that. Don't get me wrong, though, I'm very much enjoying life right now. Everything is peaceful and boring, and I'm enjoying that. I'm reading, and doing, and relaxing. I finished my Rushdie book today (it was loooong...I liked it though). Now I'm reading Sean's latest novel, which being about the porn industry is a wee-bit graphic.

I want to scrapbook. I haven't for the life of me been able to find my old scrapbook. I sure hope it turns up, because I've put many hours of work into that thing. But I went out and bought a new's smaller and it's white (the old one had black pages, which, while cool looking, was a pain in the ass). But I can't start because I don't have many photos in print...need to take my photos to walgreens and get prints...Plus, I look putting "stuff" in my scrapbooks, not just photos. And my "stuff" box (stuff I want to save, for whatever reason) is in Orlando, except for really recent stuff. So I'll bring it back with me after the Chicago trip. (We leave on Friday...I'll be up in O-Town on Thursday). The idea would be to have some photos printed to work with by that time. Of course, I already have a few here and there.

I've been artsy and nostalgic and thoughtful and all sorts of things of late. And I've actually been trying to write. I've written a few things that are sort of like fiction. Just snippets, really. I hope to keep it up. The writing. Woot.

I got to write down on a transcript request form today that my status was 'graduated'. Oh yeah, baby.

I was productive. Ordered my final transcript, dropped off another form to be filled out for NYU, got my immunization records from the health center, got my wheels aligned, oil changed, and my hair cut. I liked this afternoon. I couldn't work out, though, and I feel somewhat bad about that. But my living room is frickin claustraphobic with furniture. Damy supposedly has plans, but I'm not so sure what they are. And since she isn't particularly into the living here right now...the claustrophobic furniture isn't bothering her. To start with, I need to take apart my pretty table and take it home with me Thursday. The more I look at it, the more Thursday is starting to look like a pretty short day at work. Too bad, I could use the money. Another lousy paycheck coming my way. Yucky. It's not that I need that much money to survive, but in theory I'm trying to SAAAVE here. And doing a shitty job, I'll tell you that. My days of wanting to work myself to death are apparently long gone. I will not turn this summer into last summer...working 2.5 jobs. I like my free time!

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ltotheaura said...

My mom scrapbooks. She's made books for her parents, her sister, and my dad. She has plans for many more. She is even doing a book with 3-D pictures. It began after my grandmother died; her and her sister made scrapbooks as a theraputic exercise. It worked. Now my mom has converted our guestroom into a scrapbooking room, and makes weekly trips to the scrapbooking store in order to find themed paper.

She's tried to get me into it, but I'm only interested in showcasing cute pictures of myself as a kid. I don't care enough about themes and storylines.

Miss you.