Saturday, May 27, 2006


Kelsey was trying to convince me that NYC is dark, grungy, and scary (more so than Chicago). Last night I dreamed I was in a New York City that was scary. It was pretty weird. I was trying to get to Kelsey's apartment (I know, he doesn't live there), and I was with Mom and Berck and a bunch of strangers. We decided not to ride the bus, because we would've had to wait for the next one. Kelsey went on ahead, and halfway through, Liz left us too. We did find the apartment okay, though. But it admittedly was somewhat terrifying. We passed a public transit bus that was like destroyed in the middle of the road. And there were these weird single-file bridges that looked like something out of a concentration camp. The whole thing made me think of those scenes in movies of "post-apocalpytic" Earth. So finally I say "well, it's not dirtier than Chicago, and it's not darker, but it is scarier." My defeat. And at that moment I was scared about living there.

In another dream I was in an Oriental restaurant with Berck and two strangers. I ordered some steak dish, and they served it to me rare. I knew I couldn't send it back (something bad would happen!), but it was horrible. Completely cold. No one else at the table liked their meals, either, so at some point I went and borrowed some leftover food from another table (it was out so others could try it) and that was pretty good. I saw what everyone else had ordered, and wondered why none of us order that stuff, because it looked damn good. Stupid restaurant. I must've been hungry to dream about food.

Night before last I had a dream about the yacht club. I sure hope I'm not back to remembering my dreams all the time, because that totally sucked. Hmmm.

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i love you! hehe...