Friday, May 05, 2006

wine, beer, and tequila

Perhaps I should try NOT going out on Thursday night. Last night, of the three activities, I had planned, two got cancelled (Which was perfectly okay with me...except that I prefer to cancel...). First, Jeb ended up not being able to hang out, as he was stuck in a boring deposition. Then, Eric apparently decided we weren't going our last night, as he didn't text me back. Go figure. But I didn't care.

Because I didn't want to leave dinner. Naomi came over and cooked (she normally does this on Wed, but she had to finish her thesis Wed night). For once, I was the one who didn't need to work on anything. She got there late, so by the time she showed up to start cooking, I was on my second glass of wine. Near the end of dinner I just started laughing and laughing. Then I realized that that is exactly what happens to my mom when she has a few glasses of red wine, and that made me laugh even more. Bev looked me at me jealously, and said 'I'm so going to be there soon!' and that made me laugh even more. I must've laughed for 20-25 minutes. It was awesome. And the food was really good. Seared tuna and rice rolls.

After dinner, Damy decided we should go to Cheetah. Being slightly typsy, I, of course, agreed. So we went. Strange experience, honestly. First off, I couldn't actualy stand to look at any of the girls dancing due to the really, really bright strobe lights that kept blinding me. Second, I was rather uncomfortable and realized I would be having a lot more fun (a) in a big group and (b) while drunk. Since I had to drive home, I could only have one drink. But, it wasn't anything like I expected it to be. Can't explain how I feel about it. Damy and I mostly observed people, and commented on the girls. After a while, we were "uninspired" so we went home. According to Naomi, Ritz employees get in with no cover to Cheetah. There's something really fucked up about that.

Today's cinco de mayo, but my dumbass club is holding their cinco de mayo party tomorrow night. I bet you that cinco de mayo was commercialized and popularized as an 'American' holiday by tequila and Mexican beer companies. It really is bizarre when you think about a bunch of Americans sitting around celebrating a holiday that has no significance to them. No one even knows what the day is about. It's not a Mexican independence day. Actually, it has to do with winning a battle against France--most Americans have no clue that France ever occupied Mexico. I know because France is one of the '6 flags over TX'. (Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, USA, Confederate).

On the other hand, I am going to a cinco de mayo party, where I will gladly enjoy a few coronas prior to the wall. Lovely.

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Jonah said...

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than it is in Mexico.