Thursday, May 04, 2006

Indecisive is my middle name

Weird day. I fell asleep on the couch watching Twin Peaks last night. I downloaded and burned the series for Damy. I used to love that show. Daina and I watched the whole thing my first year. Anyway, falling asleep while watching TV is a nice antidote to writing e-mails and thinking about stupid stuff while not being able to sleep. I actually slept better on the couch than I've slept on my bed in the last few weeks. Woke up at 10ish, and went upstairs. Damy yelled at me that the upstairs toilet is broken (downstairs has been fucked for a few days...) and that I needed to call a plumber. I kept thinking I needed to get out of bed and call a plumber and get ready for class. I woke up at 2:30 when Damy called me. Oops.

I ran errands after that. Went to school, paid the dumbest parking ticket I've ever gotten, filled out forms, signed up for graduation cruise. I dropped a bunch of shit off at the free table. Yesterday, when I was being bored, I decided to clean out my closet. I threw away these black boots that I've worn to so many PCPs it's ridiculous. Black boots and my jean skirt. I need to find a new outfit, lol. Actually, I haven't worn the black boots in years. Way too uncomfortable. Which is why I gave them away.

I was supposed to go out with Eric, the bartender I met at Daruma, but that didn't happen. Which I was okay with, because there's few things I enjoy more than watching TV with a good friend while drinking beer and eating junk food. We're supposed to go out tomorrow night. Jeb is in town in the afternoon, then I'm having dinner with Naomi, Braja, and Damy. Then a "date" with Eric. Busy day. Maybe I should get to sleep, since it's supposed to start with work at 9am. And, I was going to present my paper (a.k.a. the 2nd chapter of my thesis) in class. Ooops, I guess I'll do that next week, as I'm not really prepared. I could just skip class and put in some hours at work. Maybe that's dumb too, I dunno. Going to class just seems so silly. And since I'm not working next Tuesday (I'll be in ORlando), I could really use the hours.

Maybe. Dunno.

There is possibly no word that describes me more than 'indecisive.' I usually end up taking the path that requires no extra effort. In this case, that means NOT class.

I'm starting to read a book by Salman Rushdie. Because I can read again. Woot. And I got my GRE study book. The vocab works are ridiculously fun. (I'm a freak.)

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