Tuesday, May 02, 2006

"I'll say goodbye, love..."

"One blaze of glory..." I love this song. [Sorry, those two quotes are from different songs. I'm feeling quotey tonight...]

Now that the weekend's over, I'm kinda back to going crazy over having nothing to do. I mean there's things to do, but none of them need to be done, and none of them are fun. So it's hard to get up the motivation. I should be exhausted. I got like 4 hours of sleep last night, but instead I don't feel like going to sleep. I feel like I want to do something. Not even that. Maybe just curl up with someone. Too bad Killer's not more of a cuddler.

I want to install Xubuntu on my computer, but I don't want to do it until I finish downloading the things I'm downloading...and burning them to DVDs and all that good bullshit. Except that I'm running out of space on my hard disk (damnit). Besides, redoing my computer, between the backing up, the installing, and the configuring...is a many-hour project. Not something to be started at 10:14 at night. Unless I don't want to sleep much or don't care if I have a usable computer tomorrow.

Sending off soul-baring e-mails always seems like an excellent idea when you're writing them in your head as you try to get to sleep. I always think I can change someone's mind if I write truthfully, but the world doesn't work like that. I know, I know.

I wish I could scrapbook. But I don't have my scrapbook (I think I lost it, and all of the hours of work that went into it), any of my scrapbooking stuff, or really any real photos. Ha. Hmmm, if I were really motivated I would track down some of my old photos on my old hard drive or on some of the backed-up CDs and DVDs I have. And to think I'm about to just add to that again when I redo my computer once again. Not to mention the 4 years worth of crap I have to get off my computer at Mom's next week. Can't forget to bring home the DVD burner.

That's enough with the wistful wishing. I do, luckily enough, have another West Wing episode (Sunday night's got posted late) and in a few hours the shows I didn't watch because I was watching other shows will be posted. And as long as there's TV to watch, life's not SO bad. I'll be out of it by tomorrow, but I guess I'll worry about that tomorrow.

I really wish school were over. It's really hard to work up the motivation to go to classes I don't care about when it doesn't even matter if I attend or not.

Sorry for the excruciatingly boring entry, but I guess that describes my life of late. Not that I mind. Plus, it leaves lots of getting-drunk time. Woot.

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