Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome to law school, folks!

Could I BE sicker of group work? My lawyering prof is group-work obsessed. I think it is directly related to her peppiness. We had a group presentation due last Wednesday and today, and a group writing assignment due this Wednesday. I think group writing assignments are worse than group presentations AND worse than solo writing assignments.

I haven't written much the last week...I've been busy and tired. Tonight I'm finally relaxing. I finished all my Contracts homework for tomorrow during break, and I did my Civ Pro homework last week. I should go back and type out my Civ Pro briefs...they're kinda weak. I should re-read the 10 pages of opinions of the Supreme Court. They annoyed me so much last Thursday that I ended up just skimming the last half and not getting a good idea of how the four opinions varied.

I've realized this past week that law school is an exercise in ridiculousness. The Supreme Court case I'm talking about is a divorce case where the husband contested jurisdiction. He didn't win, as California had jurisdiction based on a well-settled common law principle. We're talking...uncontested for over 100 years. Despite this fact, the Supreme Court decides to take a cert on the case. For no particular reason, as they're not going to overturn it. They just do it so that they can write 10+ pages about why this well-established doctrine should remain exactly the same. Except with 4 separate opinions. I KNOW the Supreme Court has better things to be doing.

In addition, here's a selection of recent cases I've had to read: a woman sues the 5-yr-old who pulled a chair out from underneath her while she was sitting down; a woman sues a 4-yr-old who ran into her while riding his tricycle; a man sues another man for purposely blowing smoke in his face; the owners of the WTC sued fertilizer manufacturers as their products may have been used in building the 1993 bomb. There are many, many more. Welcome to law school, folks!

Heh, I'm playing flag football this Friday! I'm excited ;)

It was chilly today. So nice, being a Floridian. I've realized that I really don't own closed-toed shoes other than tennis shoes. In FL we always wear sandals, even when we have coats on. I need to go shoe shopping. I don't actually have any money yet (stupid NYU!), but in theory, I'm definitely getting it tomorrow. (Uh huh. Just like I was going to get my computer in 2 weeks or less. It's now been a month and still no word. Damn you Apple! Damn you! I also blame NYU, since Schuy ordered a Macbook the day before me direct, and he's got his. I think NYU hates me.)

I had a blast with Mom yesterday. I wore her out. I think she found Manhattan and the Village slightly overwhelming. It's a lot different from hanging out in Midtown. She took the subway to the airport this morning all by herself. I had to get up to walk her to the station and get her on the train (at 5:30!) but she took the subway and transferred to the air train and all that. Yay!

I think I need to start planning attendance at cheap(er) cultural events. Plays, shows, etc. I'm just overwhelmed with the options. Between school activities, school groups, non-law-school-school stuff, museums, nightly shows, other shows...whew. Too many choices!

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noell said...

who sues a four year old???? maybe she'll get all 25cents of his weekly allowance... definitely worth the court bills... crazy!