Thursday, August 17, 2006

law school stuff

Interestingly, NYU does not go about haphazarding ripping its students off on textbook prices. At least, not the law students! For all of my textbooks, the NYU bookstore and Amazon had identical prices UNLESS Amazon was having a sale. Of course, the used textbooks are somewhat cheaper (on some, not at all), so I'll have to figure out whether the saved money - the cost of shipping is worth the hassles of used books. It's nice to not be ripped off, even if the prices for textbooks are way too much to begin with and probably half the 'new' editions I'm using are exactly like the old one.

In one class last year, I bought an old edition of a book for class. I realized that the new edition was IDENTICAL to mine, page for page, except that the font was bigger. But, since the pages were also bigger, everything was still on the same place. They just blew up the damn book and charged $50 more.

I now have my entire class schedule, which has led me to the understanding that law school scheduling (apparently not limited to NYU) is bizarre. I have classes that meet at 9 am on one day and 2 pm another day. Other classes meet for 2 hours twice a week, and 1 hour once a week. All in all, there's no easy memorizing of my schedule. But, I put it all into my google calendar, which has finally enabled SMS messaging for Verizon (yay!).

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