Monday, August 14, 2006

Computer shopping

I've spent a decent chunk of time over the past few days trying to decide what computer I want and how to pay for it.

I've pretty much decided that I want to buy a MacBook. There are 2 major issues with this: (1) the law school requires a PC, so I'll have to maintain my current laptop or buy another and (2) at 6 lbs (including power adapter), it's a pretty heavy computer compared to something like a ThinkPad. (Which would be my second choice).

But I think I just need to bite the bullet and get the MacBook. I really want it! I spent quite a while playing around on one today at the computer store, and it was quite nice. The black ones are suave, but for $150 extra--no way. ($200 price difference, minus the $50 hardware upgrade).

Overall, I had a fairly productive day today. I faxed the last form I needed to take care of, got my NYU ID (not a totally horrid picture, either), and went to the computer store. In between the ID place and the computer store I got completely lost and ended up in the West Village. This is highly amusing because I was Northeast of the computer store, which is one the Northeast corner of Washington Square park. I ended up Southwest of the Park without ever seeing it! I was actually doing fine with directions until I tried to turn West on 8th St. All the streets started going wonky--no longer any right angles--and all the sudden I had no clue where I was. Oh well. It was a nice tour of the West Village, I suppose. Tomorrow I will go to the computer store from the subway, so hopefully there's no need to get lost. I also got my last check from work (for some reason they didn't direct deposit it), and I found out there's a Wachovia in the city after all. It's on the same line as the computer store, so I'll go there too.

Berck, Sean, and Dad have all requested photos of New York, so I'll try to remember to take some tomorrow and post them.

I would really like a tiny compass. Preferably one built into a cell phone. Screw that stupid GPS shit. I want to know what direction is North! That would solve most of my directional issues. And I wouldn't have to concentrate so hard everytime I get off the subway ("okay, the train is going North, so I'm walking West, now South, now West again...").

Okay, time to read. I'm on my 6 book in 3 weeks. Of course, I didn't read in the middle week. 3 books in Montreal, and I'm on my third since I got here. Soon I will have to borrow books from Marisa. I think she has a decent library.

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ltotheaura said...

My FSU ID is possibly the worst picture of me ever. I got my ID move in day, because I needed it before I could do anything, and I wanted to get started. This is after 5 hours in a car, moving in to an apartment without AC, middle of the day in Florida summer. White v-neck and hair slicked back with sweat.

On the up side, if one of the people who works at FSU with access to my FSU ID is a serial rapist/killer, he'll take one look at my ID and say NO WAY.

It's normal for my mind to offer these consolations, right?