Saturday, June 24, 2006

swimsuit, math and knife woes

Scrapbooking can be really tedious sometimes. I really need an x-acto knife. I know how I cut out letters before without one, but it's getting obnoxious.

I really need to stop spending money. Grr. I almost spent $135 at Victoria's Secret today. My way of going swimsuit shopping without actually going through the misery. But then I realized it wouldn't be here until the second week in July, and I really need a swimsuit for July 4th weekend. So perhaps I'll go shopping tomorrow. I wish Victoria's Secret carried those clothes and stuff in the store. Do they carry swimsuits in the story? I don't think so. Which is too bad, because they have the whole mix/match thing going, which I like. You can choose what style top, which bottom, and even a cover up. Very nice.

I've been sooooo lazy the past few days. I've also gotten done the things that I've needed to get done. Well, I should study more for the GRE. The test is...well...a bit looming. I started working on the math section today, and I was bombing out right and left. Making silly mistakes, not understanding questions...grr. I'm hoping that the example questions (where they teach you strategies) happen to be very hard. But I have a feeling that they're not. Maybe I'm just out of practice, and they'll get easier. I sure hope so. The one really obnoxious thing is all the geometry. I never took geometry, so it's a very, very weak area for me. Why can't they just have a bunch of algebra questions? I like algebra. What does math have to do with grad school, anyway? I could understand testing something like statistics (which I don't really know, btw), but testing geometry (which you should've learned in high school, and are therefore relearning specfically for this test) seems...strange. I don't get it. It's not fun to study like the LSAT, either. Well, actually, the vocab and verbal stuff is sorta fun. Silly math. Just thought I'd do better. But I guess I should've known I never learned that basic stuff quite well enough. After all, my last math SAT score wasn't all that least in comparison to the strides I made on verbal. (I used to get better scores on the math parts.)

I feel like I create mess in my room faster than I can clean it. But it's not dirty...just messy. Like, lots of junk. I should really be better about throwing stuff out, but I'm just not. Oh why oh why. At least I'm working on getting rid of a bunch of stuff before my move. I've even been moderately successful. But I need to step it up.

Stuff...must...go. Stuff=evil. I know, I've moved too many times.

I want my new computer. I wish I had more credit. Or better credit cards. I'd go ahead and buy it. But it looks like I might have to wait for a while. Bleh. I got all excited because Amex sent me a really awesome card offer...0% APR for 15 months...on their blue card. Yet, despite being pre-approved, I was denied. For lack of credit history. In reality, my credit card history goes back to 1999...which is seven years. And I have nothing bad on it. And I have two credit cards in perfect shape. But, since I waited to take out a credit card (I was scared), I'm punished for not having 'sufficient credit'. Credit just seems pissy to me. Why should people who go out and get a credit card right on their 18th birthday be rewarded for that? I was supporting myself on my 18th birthday, I just didn't use a credit card to do it.

I wish I could get a bump in my credit for being an NYU law student. After all, that's some major earning potential. I think I deserve a little gold star for that ;)

I hung out with Steve Thursday night. His birthday. And Laura's. (I'll have forgetten by next year, though. I'll once again only know that both of their birthdays are between June 20 and 24.) I hung out once with Steve last summer, and other than that we haven't really hung out since we lived together. So it was cool to see him. We watched Buffy, and we talked, and we cracked each other up like we used to. Twas nice, and I hope we can do it again before I leave.

I probably should stop watching so much Buffy. I think it's starting to get into my dreams/daydreams a bit. Probably not so good. It's just so much fun to zone out and think about nothing but what's on the TV.

Well, I'd go to bed, since I've gotta work early, but there's no way I could get to sleep yet.

Shopping list: Allen wrench, swimsuit, and x-acto knife. Damn not being able to get those all at once store. Well, actually, I could probably get 2 out of 3 at Target. You never know; they could have allen wrenches too. It seems that that's where I always end up. Didn't I spend enough at Target LAST weekend?



noell said...

i took one look at the study book and decided the GRE is gross, and pointless... and i vowed never to go into any graduate program that required it... blech!

i agree with you wholeheartedly... what's the deal with remembering geometry?!?

hope you found the stuff you were seeking... target prolly would be your best one stop shopping source...

i miss you... be good!

Anonymous said...

God, you and noell sound way too much alike in a not-so-good way, sometimes.

What the hell did you need an allen wrench for? In fact, how do you even know what an allen wrench is?