Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I do what Laura says

Laura says that if she's going to link to my blog, I have to actually update my blog. Since the majority of my time these days is spent downloading, burning, and watching TV...oh...and getting drunk...I can probably sqeeze in some regular updates.

I'm done with my bacc and my thesis and all that bullshit...so that's cool. I don't think it's really hit me that I'm leaving this place. This summer is going to be frickin' boring. Well, maybe not. The only person that is actually leaving right after graduation that I hang out with regularly is Laura. Everyone else will still be here. But how I will miss my Monday night coffee dates. I realized when I was driving her home today that I was going to have to miss the next (last) two, as I will be out of town. So we're going to reschedule for another day. Coffee dates are important enough to reschedule.

I had a weird weekend. As Damy was eager to point out, I got drunk 3 out of 4 days. That was the goal, so I guess it's good. Until Damy dragged me out Thursday night I was moping around the house freaking out that I had nothing to do. I feel much better now. I gave the bartender my number on Thursday night, and he called, but by that point I had already lost my phone. On Friday I went to Laura's bacc, and then out to lunch, and showed up to work way late at like 1:30ish. There was a note from my Mom saying that some guy named Bart had my cell phone. I proceeded to call Bart, who attempted to hit on me via my cell phone. He asked for my number. Apparently Bart is not intelligent enough to realize he could've gotten my number off my phone. I did not give it to him. Friday night, I left work and stopped by the condo where this Bart fellow works (I didn't know people were really named Bart) to get my cell phone. I get home, and who pulls into the parking space next to me? No one other than Mr. Michael Gimignani. I'd put his middle name too, but I don't remember it. Something very italian, I think. Apparently he saw my car, and followed me home. Weird. So we sat around and talked for 3ish hours. It was...weird. I haven't seen him once since long before I dropped out of school. That was 2003. He has stopped lying. I got to ask him questions like 'how old are you' and 'how many siblings do you REALLY have'. Quite funny. I gave him a Swiss Missile Crisis (anyone else want one? they're fab, Jeb gave me like 10 of them) and parted...uh...civil?

My weird night continued as Sarah Stamper showed up at the wall. We ended up hanging out all night and talking about all kinds of weird shit, new and old. Turns out her boyfriend has an apartment in the very building in Manhattan that I'm moving into. Weird.

So, it was a productive weekend. I relived three years in one night, and that was tiring, but it's good. Putting all my New College demons to rest, I guess. It's nice to leave things in a peaceful way. I'm glad to be done, but I can still wax nostalgic. (I've been wanting to use that phrase all night!)

I still think this summer's going to suck, though. I wish I didn't have to work. For the first time in my life, working seems like such a frickin' drag.

So there. That's a pretty good update. Right?

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