Friday, October 28, 2005

Choices, choices!

So I've been in a bizarrely good mood for days. I couldn't get anything done during my hurricane break. It was weird--I didn't need to be anywhere. I couldn't deal with that, so I didn't do anything. Except at the end I finally cleaned my room, so that was good.

Then, the day after the hurricane (day of? the afternoon...) it was 65 degrees out, sunny, and absolutely gorgeous. It's been like that for 3 days now, although I'm guessing tomorrow will probably be back to hot (yuck). With the sudden drop in temperature from 90 to 60, everything has felt very surreal. But I've also been really happy and excited. I LOVE cool weather.

Not to mention, I was having a lot of fun bragging (just a little) about my LSAT scores at school. It's really cool to be recruited by law schools. Since I never went to high school I've never been recruited before. It's nifty. Maybe it's childish, but whatever, I'm enjoying it.

My list of law schools that I'm even considering applying to is 15. Several of them I think are pretty much out. 5 of them I'm not sure about joint degrees...the other 10 definitely have either an MPH or MPP program. I know I'm definitely applying to Georgetown and to Boston University (as my backup). The more I look at it, the more I like Columbia. They actually require pro-bono work of their students, they have a generous loan forgiveness program, and they have an extensive study abroad program. I was always kinda bummed that I missed out on studying abroad during undergrad, so it'd be way nifty if I could do it during law school. I didn't realize that was even a possibility until today.

So yeah, there's a lot going on. I feel pretty good about life though. I wrote two pages of my thesis intro yesterday, and I have at least one more page to write before I turn in my latest version on Monday. So yay for that.

I'm off to read a bit more before bed. 'Night.


Anonymous said...

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Jonah said...

The lady I work for got her master's at Columbia. She really didn't like walking along the streets of New York at night by herself, so she looked in the New York Times and saw an ad for a "big, black, beautiful Bouvier."

She was a hundred dollars (and back then, that was a lot), but she was worth it. My boss would put on a pair of sunglasses and wrap the dog's leash tightly around her wrist and take her into class. The dog would curl up at her feet...until one day someone saw her without her sunglasses and said, "Hey, you're not blind!" And that was the end of that.

But my boss loved the Bouvier so much that she's had one in her house ever since. Her kids learned to walk by hanging on the dogs. Her current Bouvier is named Grungie. He's big and ferocious looking, but really he's a big sweetie.

(Although when the other dog, a blue heeler, catches a pocket gopher, she apparently has a deal with Grungie that he gets to eat it. He swallows them whole. And he's not too nice to cats.)