Sunday, October 09, 2005

Chicago Marathon

When I went in the break room for brunch today, the Weather Channel was on and they were showing Kermit running in the Chicago Marathon. My ears perked up. Chicago Marathon, I thought, but that just happened. A few months ago, no more. After pondering the strangeness of this for several more minutes, it finally hit me that it had been an entire year since the last Chicago Marathon. Wow, how strange, an annual marathon that happens once a year.

A year ago, I was headed to Iowa to canvass for Kerry. But, we didn't have enough cars. that was the week that Berck had left my car at my apartment, so I had the not-so-brilliant idea of volunteering to drive. So, another volunteer in another car (not his) and I set off to go back to my apartment. Over an hour later we were still stuck on Lake Shore Drive and could not for the life of us figure out how to get west to my apartment. We finally were almost there when Nate, the volunteer coordinator, called and said to come pick him up, we were leaving, we had enough cars. He ended up walking to a place where we could pick him up, as we couldn't figure out how to get to him. They seriously had shut down over half the was completely crazy.

Lauren, a gal I worked with, ran in that marathon. She taught me about this stuff you have to put on your thighs ('AstroGlide' or something) so that your shorts don't cause your legs to bleed from the swooshing. Geez. Perhaps that's a sign that you shouldn't be running that far.

Eh, well, I'm pretty pissed off at myself for messing up my fall break and not going to fall break like I had promised myself. Maybe I can figure out how to go over a weekend. I could go up on a thursday afternoon until monday morning if I could get 2 days off work and be free of the Catalyst. (I'd still be there to finalize on Monday evening.) I'd have to do it soon, though, because it's going to get cold. Very soon.

I always mess up my vacations. I really had good intentions on this one. I had talked to Noell, gotten the days off work, and given the dates to my grandfather to make reservations. It would've been perfect other than the slightly problem that they were the WRONG days. Ooops. Gotta love being a dumb butt.

Oh well, I'm really enjoying my low-committment break. Plus, it gives me a chance to catch up on work and put in enough hours at my job to make a little bit of money. And that's always nice.

Well, I have another half hour around this place. I'm bored to death. I worked until about 3ish, and then since then I've just been messing around. I bought a DVD player and some RAM for my computer. (The DVD player I bought with a gift certificate...the RAM I just couldn't resist buying once I found it and realized how cheap it was.)

Then...I can go home and veg out. Oh, too bad, Damy's out of town. In Phoenix with the boy. But whatever, I can watch Gilmore Girls and read econ philosphers or do whatever else I want to do.

Welll, I'll probably scadaddle in about 15ish minutes. No point waiting until 7 when there's nothing going on.

Time to end this blase entry...later...

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